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Asashi dot net is a web site where i keep track of my life with Linux and *nixes
It's main purpose is to act as a reminder so i can repeat my own errors over and over again, use anything here as you like, Pit.

  • For everyday tasks I've got a Thinkpad T42 that runs Debian GNU/Linux Potato Sarge Etch Lenny Squeeze Wheezy and FreeBSD 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 7.3 7.4 9.1
  • The servers I'm supposed to control run the same OSs
    and working with such systems is always a great pleasure.
  • Why Linux? Because it's a very good OS. When i was a child I used to unscrew every toy just to see "how they work", with Linux I can do it again. Can you say the same if you use Windows (R)?
    This is not a Linux VS Windows(R) match, but, believe me, after a few time using Linux you'll understand that Windows(R) is "just another OS ©", even if you had that choice only in past.
  • I've made some "exotics" installations of Sarge, see Debian on... performed on a SGI O2 R5000 (mips), a Cobalt Qube3 (x86) Qube2(mips), a Cobalt RaQ3.
  • I'm proud we are running a complete ltsp terminal system serving 12 terminals for our call center. I get kphone and kiax (soft phones) running on the clients so we can use our asterisk server... details will follow soon.
  • pit@alaska:~$ whoami

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